It all starts with an idea,

Add a little what if?

Throw on heaps of why not?!

And go achieve something awesome. 

Well done chaps! 

Age 22: travel, learn and be better - Guest blog by Jane!

So here goes… A year ago I would never have thought that taking a photo every day of my 22nd year on planet earth would encourage me to write my first ever blog. I hate writing, I’m rubbish at it, and I apologise for taking up space on this normally very witty and entertaining page! Taking a photo every day for a year certainly isn’t a unique idea, there are now even apps to help you. Some people photograph themselves, others take photos of just one object, and others, like me, take photos of everyday life. When I started it was a way to show Mum what I had been doing on my exchange year in New Zealand. But it turned out to be a conversation starter, a way to procrastinate, a pain in the arse but mostly a diary tracking my travels, things I have learnt and ways I have changed.

I can look at each picture and know exactly where I was, who I was with and what I learned. You can see friendships forming, reunions, essay deadlines, achievements, holidays and my wacky season changes – from spring to summer to autumn back to summer and autumn.

I can even remember facts or words that I learnt on the day, such as a køleskab (the Danish word of fridge), and that I will never master a Nordic language, that the species Potentilla erecta was used as a kind of early Viagra, or finally that all state buildings in America have to fly the American flag (schools, post offices, government buildings…they’re everywhere)

I’ve carried my camera everywhere and have permanently stretched my handbag from cramming it in. I was constantly looking around for interesting things to photograph (especially hard during hangovers or exam revision). Sometimes it would result in me going out on a walk, baking a cake or annoying a friend. Other times I would fail miserably, settling with reporting the overuse of another pair of shoes.

Sometimes a photo of the day would be pre-planned, like me skydiving; sometimes people would come and ask to be involved and other times it was a manic rush before going to bed, after forgetting during the day. I would like to encourage others to have a go, if you’re traveling its easy and you simply have no excuse; if you’re working 9 - 5 or studying, looking at everything from a new angle will make life more interesting. Finally, I would like to thank everyone who is in a photo for being there to make my day special, you will be remembered for as long as this album exists!

Road cyclist? I think so.